About Melissa

My journey with photography started with my dad’s interest in photography. I grew up seeing him take photos of everything from my siblings and me to nature and shop windows. Like my dad, I’ve been taking photographs for many years but only for the pleasure of it. I love capturing images that are beautiful, certainly; but I also look for scenes that provoke emotion—that speak to my heart. To me, photography is a way of bringing these snapshots in time home with me. As a result, much like a lot of people, I have quite a library of photographs.

I began placing my photographs on an online magazine and newsletter that I created and operate with my husband, Bob. It’s called OfSpirit.com and we’ve been publishing it for over ten years now. This was a simple way for me to share my photos with the public, and I got a lot of satisfaction from it. While doing this I discovered that I prefer to not Photoshop or enhance my photos. I personally favor the pure and authentic look of the original image. So except for an occasional cropping to zoom in on my subject, what you see in my photographs is original—including the colors, which are sometimes so brilliant and beautiful that it’s difficult to believe they’re not computer-generated.

One day, to my surprise, my dear friend Cheryl Richardson, a well-known author and self-care advocate, asked me if she could use my photographs for her new deck of daily affirmation cards that she was creating. I enthusiastically said, “Yes!” This, of course, was not something I had ever imagined doing with my images, so I was thrilled to collaborate with her on such an amazing project. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase my photographs in combination with her positive affirmations. And, as it turned out, Cheryl and I collaborated exceptionally well together both creatively and joyfully, and I believe that this, along with the love of our friendship, translated into the final product.

When the project was complete and was getting ready for print, Hay House Publishing generously offered to include my website on the card deck box. As exciting as this was to me, the funny thing was that I didn’t even have a website.  Ugh! Nevertheless, I agreed and then began a new creative journey designing this website in collaboration with my website designer.

If there’s a lesson in all this, it’s that life can take us in new, exciting directions in a moment’s notice. One day you’re expressing your creativity for the sheer enjoyment of it. The next day someone who noticed is sharing your expression with the world. I’ve watched this whole dream unfold before me and I’m still in disbelief. And I’m most grateful to Cheryl Richardson for allowing me this wonderful yet unexpected detour, as well as my dad for inadvertently inspiring me to love photography.

I hope you enjoy the products of my creative expression and are imbued with the same bliss I experienced while taking them.

Thank you for visiting my website,
Melissa Olson